Inhibit X - Helps stop cure inhibition when using Platinum Silicone

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Inhibit X® is a single component, low-viscosity liquid that provides an added measure of protection against cure inhibition when pouring platinum silicone rubbers over many surfaces including sulfur clay, instant adhesives, tapes, wood surfaces, some plastics, SLA resins and others.

Platinum silicones are especially sensitive to sulfur-bearing clays and tin-cured silicones. Apply 3 coatings of Inhibit X® prior to applying release agent.


Recommended: to ensure surface compatibility, conduct a small-scale test on a similar surface before using on a valuable model. This product has a limited shelf life and should be used as soon as possible.

Apply at least two coats of Inhibit X® - Using a soft brush, apply a thorough coating over all surfaces that will contact rubber, including into intricate detail, and let dry. Follow with another application and let dry. Follow with an application of Ease Release® 200.

Important: In many cases, Inhibit X® may act as an adhesive and bond platinum silicone. After applying Inhibit X® to a surface, let final coat dry and apply a light mist coating of Ease Release® 200 Release Agent.

Ease Release® 200 is a release agent formulated for use with tin and platinum catalyzed silicone rubbers.

Warning: This product is flammable. Exercise extreme caution and follow safety protocol for handling flammable liquids.

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